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Sports Coaching Evolved

Create highly detailed and accurate representations of training games and match situations with the included session planner

Interactive Session Planner

Get your very own branded multi-user session planner for your sport when you create a KwiktactiX library.

Stunning HD images

Access stunning HD visuals to help you create, manage and publish your sport content or invite someone to create it for you!.

Secured Access

Control who and what your library members can access, or drop your apps onto your own web sites for your visitors to view and use.

User friendly and intuitive

Instantly Create, edit, and collabrate regardless of type of device you’re on and where you are.

Cloud Storage

Store and publish data onto your own sports cloud, edit content instantly by yourself or with colleagues live, or just centralise your sports data.

Multi Platform

Kwiktactix uses the very latest web technologies so it doesn't need to be installed to use on any computer, tablet or mobile device.

Access anywhere

The Kwiktactix system is lightening fast to work with and can be used and accessed from anywhere in the world instantly.

Why KwiktactiX?

  • Accessible - simple to use apps on a single platform with tons of features and fun to work with.
  • Secured - Usage notifications and member access levels make sure only people you invite can view, edit or create content.
  • Protected - Every day your data is automatically backed up and immediately stored safely outside your home and/or business.
  • Instant - Nothing to download, install or upgrade so you spend all your time on what you do best.
  • Reliable - Never loose data, especially when your computers or devices are damaged, stolen or lost.
  • Efficient - New releases and updates are seamless so new features will just appear without you having to do anything.

To direct one's hopes or ambitions towards achieving their full potential.

Chalk and talk

Use the included KwiktactiX session planner to host sport discussions, debates, presentations, seminars and demonstrations with up to 10 people.

Invite your colleagues, friends, peers or family to draw, move, add, remove items you or anyone else have placed onto the planner live.

Send meeting invites out directly to as many emails addresses you need too using your library management portal.

Allow anyone you want to use your library's interactive session planner to create content for you when you are not around so you can publish it at a later date!

Upload your own content you want to draw over and discuss live with your peers.

And if you have a requirement to present to large audiences then this is something we can easily configure for you in seconds, just let us know how many people you need to view your session planner.


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Sports packs

Tailor your library's session planner to use any of the currently available free sport templates.


When you apply the free soccer template pack to your library, you get access to 2d and 3d HD soccer canvases which you can use over and over again in your creations.

On top of that, you also get over 30 high quality soccer icon markers which you simply place on your canvases as layers.


When you apply the free futsal template pack to your library, just like the soccer pack you get access to 2d and 3d HD futsal canvases which you can use over and over again in your creations.

And as with the soccer pack again you get over 30 high quality futsal icon markers which you use to further enhance your creations.

Coming Soon

Dont worry if you do not see the sport you are associated with yet, we have them in development right now and are working hard to release them all in the next few months!

We are currently working on packs for Basketball, Football, Lacrosse, Beach Soccer, Football, Baseball, Hockey, Ice-Hockey and many more.

No matter what sports pack you do choose to use, by default you get access to a standard set of material based HD canvases that consist of a chalkboard, blackboard, plain paper, lined paper, grid paper and more. And of course you can always upload your own canvases you wish to use in your library.


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