User access levels explained
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User access levels explained

by millzee » Mon Feb 23, 2015 9:22 am

Access levels are sets of permissions applied to your members when they join your library. They grant access to the different components that make up your interactive sports library.

When you invite people to join your library you can grant a default access level when you send the invite. This means when they join they will automatically get the access level you set [see below]

invite---1.jpg (15.05 KiB) Viewed 664 times

Once they accept your invite and join your library, you will see them listed in the members table of your library manager tool (as below)

library manager
library-manager.jpg (27.68 KiB) Viewed 664 times

With the library manager tool, you can see at a glance your members access levels you set.

If you click "manage" to manage their profile, you can change a member access level if do desired.

Access levels are assigned on an individual basis.

The following access levels can be set:

This access level gives your member full blown administrative access to your library, your content and your interactive session planner application. They can also invite other members to join your library and delete members form your library. Only grant this level of access to people you completely trust!

This access level gives your member access to both your sports library and interactive session planner. They can also create and remove content using your sport session planner app. In addition to this access they can publish and remove content from your library as well.

Library Viewer
This access level grants your member access to view your published library only. They do not have access to create content or use your interactive session planner. It is the default access level when sending invites out.
(This access level is normally granted to users who you want to be able to view your library only)

Session Planner Viewer
This access level gives your member access to view your interactive session planner only. They do not have access to load or save content. Members with this access level cannot access your published library.
(This access level is normally granted when you want people to view what you are doing only, and interact if you allow them)

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